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Preparing for your Boudoir Session with Suzanne Claire Photography

Updated: May 16, 2023

Preparing for your Boudoir Session will keep you relaxed and feeling confident. We want you to have a fabulous experience from start to finish and the best way is simply to feel prepared. Many of the preparation items occur a week before your session.

FACE Treat yourself to a facial home or at a spa! Your skin will glow, just make sure to know how your skin reacts and give yourself time for your skin to calm down after your treatment. If you are considering whitening your teeth, there are an affordable at home use products. Get your eyebrows waxed if they need it. they are an important part of prepping and frame your eyes.

HAIR Get a trim but don’t go for a drastic hair style change right before your session! If things go wrong, this may cause major anxiety. Make sure that if you colour your hair your roots are touched up. But be sure to do this at least 3 days prior. So your scalp does not look dyed. Additionally, a deep conditioning treatment can help your hair shine with a beautiful glossy finish.

Preparing for your Boudoir Session
Preparing for your Boudoir Session

HANDS & FEET Your hands can be used in very sensual ways in a Boudoir shoot, you want to make sure they're looking their best. A manicure and pedicure is a definite must, if you don’t wear polish I suggest having at least a clear polish on your nails. If you are planning to wear jewelry, make sure to clean them prior to your shoot to have them looking their best.

CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES Prepare those amazing outfits at least a few days in advance and hang them if possible to avoid wrinkles. Make sure to try everything on before your shoot and choose outfits that not only fit well but make you feel wonderful and sexy. When arriving avoid any tight clothing, yoga pants, elastic waist band, socks. these items will leave lines on your skin and we will end up junking an image that might have been great. I do not want to edit these lines out for 5 hours lol. Show up in something very loose, bring a silk robe to have your makeup and hair done. Also I also recommend slippers to run from set to set in the studio. So we keep your feet as clean as possible. (Please, no hair ties on your wrist)

ARRIVING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT Please make sure to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment so your shoot isn’t cut short. We need to stay on schedule to make sure your session is perfect. Hair and makeup will take a certain amount of time and we want to make sure we have all the time we need for your shoot.

BE YOURSELF You’re investing a lot into this experience, so enjoy it! Don’t think about any negatives or what you may consider to be imperfections. Have faith that you look amazing, the rest is up to us and we’ll make sure you look amazing. We’ll have some music going of your choice and enjoy a drink and portraits!!

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