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Welcome to Suzanne Claire Studios, where your first impression is our priority. Located in the heart of Port Chester, NY, we specialize in crafting professional and engaging headshots that help you stand out in today's competitive environment.

At Suzanne Claire Studios, we understand the importance of a great headshot. Whether you're a corporate professional, an actor, or someone looking to update their LinkedIn profile, our studio provides a tailored experience to capture your unique personality and professional essence.

Our experienced photographer, Suzanne Claire, uses state-of-the-art equipment and natural lighting to create headshots that are not only visually stunning but also capture the essence of who you are. We ensure that each session is relaxed and comfortable, making it easy for you to show your best self.

Book your session at Suzanne Claire Studios and take the first step towards making a lasting impression. Visit us in Port Chester, NY, and let us help you create a headshot that resonates with professionalism and charisma. Elevate your professional image today!

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