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"Professional Headshot Station:
Offering a Seamless Experience and Exceptional Value"

 "Professional Headshot Station: Offering a Seamless Experience and Exceptional Value"

Our professional headshot station is  crafted to empower businesses with diverse teams and event planners aiming to amplify attendee experience and spark connections, here's why incorporating headshots into your next gathering is an absolute game-changer:

  • Ensure everyone shines with consistently stunning headshots, no matter the group size.

  • Provide a personalized touch with private, secure proofing galleries for each participant.

  • Delight attendees by instantly delivering their headshots via email.

  • Effortlessly gather valuable leads, freeing you from administrative hassles.

  • Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to stress-free organization!


Whether you're immortalizing team camaraderie at an annual meeting or enhancing event engagement while effortlessly growing your network, our team is here to make it a seamless and unforgettable experience. Reach out today to discover how we can elevate your event to new heights!

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Our headshot stations are available for booking on either a half-day (up to four hours) or full-day (up to eight hours) basis. Depending on your event schedule and the number of individuals requiring headshots, determine the coverage that best suits your needs. Typically, each headshot station can accommodate approximately 20 people per hour.

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Choose between a half-day session (up to 4 hours) or a full-day session (4-8 hours) for complete coverage at our headshot station. Our headshot station package includes: high-resolution images, meticulous file organization (including file renaming to match the person in the photo), a standard commercial usage license, a lead list featuring contact information of all individuals photographed in Excel or CSV format, and individual model releases for each person captured. Tailor the delivery of headshots to your preference, whether it's through private galleries for each individual or a complete gallery based on your specific requirements.


The standard fee for our headshot booth provides the essential features you require, yet you have the opportunity to elevate attendee experience by incorporating remarkable add-ons. Whether it's instant headshot delivery or professional hair and makeup services, we can tailor an unforgettable experience for your attendees, sparking excitement and generating buzz for weeks to come.

Instant Individual Delivery Upgrade- $400/$800

The excitement of your headshot station with instant delivery. With this option, each participant receives a private gallery of images via email within minutes of their session. We handle all aspects of hosting, delivery, and support, ensuring zero admin work for you.

On-Site Image Selection- $400/$800

Offer participants the opportunity to select their favorite image immediately after their session with on-site image selection. Our team assists each individual in choosing their preferred shot, ensuring that they receive a headshot they love, delivered individually in private galleries as well as to the company. Selected images can also undergo retouching for an additional fee.

Basic Retouching- - $400/$800

All Headshots Enhance attendee satisfaction by providing basic retouching on all delivered images. This includes blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, and teeth whitening for all images.

Hair and Makeup- - $600/$1000

Elevate the appearance of participants by offering an on-site hair and makeup station. This service allows individuals to have a quick touch-up before their session, ensuring a polished look and eliminating any stray hairs or facial shine.

Enhanced Retouching- $15/per image

For clients seeking additional retouching options, Enhanced Retouching offers hand-retouched images with corrections beyond basic retouching. This includes stray hair removal, glare on eyeglasses, wrinkle and lint removal, and background replacement.

Social Media Content- $1000/$1800

Engage your audience with custom social media content created by our dedicated team member. This includes vertical video for Instagram, cinematic behind-the-scenes footage, and stills delivered to you daily.

Custom Scheduling- $300/$500

Ensure efficiency for executives or VIPs with custom scheduling. We offer a personalized calendar for designated guests, allowing them to receive a high-quality headshot without waiting in line.


Get in touch with us to book a professional headshot booth at your event. Reserve your dates with us and we will take it from there. Our goal is to take all of the admin work off your plate and deliver an incredible experience to your attendees.


How many individuals can you accommodate with headshots during an event?

Typically, each headshot station can handle approximately 20 people per hour, although the pace may vary based on several factors. A strategically placed booth in a high-traffic area tends to attract more visitors. At conferences, the headshot station often becomes a focal point, akin to offering candy bars at a kindergarten—expect it to draw significant attention. Under optimal conditions, a single station can cater to anywhere between 200 and 300 individuals in a full day.

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Do you provide event photography services?

Certainly! We have a specialized team of event photographers who excel at capturing the essence of any occasion. Our event photography professionals have worked with esteemed clientsBeyond event coverage, we offer services like step-and-repeat photos, photo booths, and video production, including testimonials and promos. Explore our event photography page for comprehensive details or reach out to us directly for a personalized quote.

Do attendees just line up for headshots or can they make an appointment?

They can do both! Our headshot station accommodates both walk-ins and pre-scheduled appointments, catering to executives or VIPs who prefer advanced booking. We suggest a blend of both approaches. This way, team members can efficiently update their headshots without queuing, while other attendees can also benefit from the experience. We're flexible and can collaborate with your team to design an experience that offers the best of both options.

 "Professional Headshot Station: Offering a Seamless Experience and Exceptional Value"

Where are you located?

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Westchester County, NY, our studio offers a convenient location in Port Chester, NY on the border of Greenwich CT.  Whether you prefer the intimacy of our studio setting or seek the allure of on-location photography, we've got you covered. Our user-friendly online scheduling platform empowers you to effortlessly book appointments for headshots, even for new hires, with just a few clicks—no need for extensive correspondence. Streamline your process and let your journey towards stunning imagery begin with ease! 

Will you also shoot team photos in addition to the headshots?

Absolutely! No matter what size team or staff you have, we can photograph the whole team together or broken up into groups by departments. Whether you need an image of everyone together or photos of the individual departments or teams, we got you covered. We typically will include one group photo in any team shoot at no additional cost with additional groupings being billed at the same price as an additional individual (see prices above).

Can we choose our background?

Although most clients elect for a simple white, black  or grey background (definitely classics), we can offer a range of solid colors, gradients, or even custom digital backgrounds tailored specifically to your business. 

Do event photos require retouching?

It depends on how you plan to use them. For headshots meant to enhance an event, we usually don't recommend retouching. We focus on using lighting, posing techniques, and optional professional hair and makeup touch-ups to ensure the photos look great as they are. However, if the photos will be used for larger purposes than LinkedIn or Teams, we suggest retouching to ensure everyone looks their best.

 "Professional Headshot Station: Offering a Seamless Experience and Exceptional Value"
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How do you receive the images?

You have several delivery options. We streamline the process by renaming each image file with the individual's name from the headshot session (e.g., 1234.jpg becomes Smith_Jane.jpg), making it simpler to match images with the right people later on. After organizing the files, we arrange them into separate galleries for each person and can deliver them individually or as a single gallery, depending on your preferences. All files are delivered via email, but if your company prefers a specific FTP or upload system, we're flexible and can accommodate your needs.

Ready to Book?

If you are ready to book your headshots, click below to schedule a call.


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  • WE CARE. No, seriously. Our mission is to empower businesses and help brands grow. We take that mission seriously.

  • WE COME PREPARED. Hair spray for fly-aways, powder for touch-ups, lint-rollers, portable mirrors, extra ties…you name it, we have it. The final result of every image is our responsibility and we take that responsibility seriously.

  • YOUR TEAM WILL LIKE US. Our staff of photographers aren’t just talented, they are friendly, kind, and fun to be around. We hire based on skills AND personality so even people who are nervous to be photographed will be laughing and relaxed in no time.

  • A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE – Not only do we work quickly, but we use every piece of technology we can get our hands on to make your life easier. Online scheduling, instant image viewing and selection, online delivery, and more will make sure that you aren’t stuck fielding dozens of emails from your team about the photos afterward. We take the workload from you.

  • YOU WILL LOVE THE PHOTOS – we know that most people in the office are about as excited for picture day as they are for a dental appointment, but once your team sees what we can do, no one will feel that way anymore.  

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