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Suzanne Claire Photography


From Behind The Mask,

One Year Later!

Front Step Project continued~

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We are all living during an unprecedented time in modern history. Because of this global pandemic, all of our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe will be talking about these days for the rest of our lives, and our collective response to this crisis will be studied and referenced for generations to come. 

It's impossible to not have some sort of strong emotional response to what we are all experiencing day to day. It seems our worlds have literally been turned upside down. Schools closed, jobs lost, companies shut down, state-mandated 'shelter in place' orders, hospitals becoming overwhelmed... Our lifestyles have been fundamentally changed in ways that I'm not sure we can yet comprehend. 

People are scared, I get it. We should be scared. Every day seems to be a challenge just to make sense of it all with the amount of ever-changing news with which we are being bombarded. Being stuck inside for weeks, and possibly months doesn't give us much opportunity to escape the onslaught.

We all have our ways of dealing with this crazy situation- this information and emotional overload which can leave us drained and fearful. Despite having these same feelings now, I've always been an unrelenting optimist, and I still am. Whenever life throws us these difficult obstacles, I always try to look for the silver lining.

I found myself wondering how I could utilize my own skills to contribute to the outpouring of love, which makes me so grateful for being made aware of this project- Here's how it will work:


I will be documenting this time by visiting and taking

From Behind The Mask One Year Later Project photos! Front Steps Portraits Continued in Westchester and Connecticut residents.

To be part of the "From Behind the Mask Project" it is $75

 includes 2 high-resolution digital files. This will take between 5 to 10 minutes.

Larger sessions are available.

You have a choice to upgrade to a 

From Behind The Mask One Year Later MINI Session that is up to 20 minutes long for $255

and this includes 8 high-resolution digital files or


From Behind The Mask One Year Later Family Session that is up to 35 minutes long for $395 and includes 15 high-resolution digital files. I will be in different towns each day.


 I will travel to your homes to create images of your families and pets on your front steps and or around the outside of your home. 


Again, the purpose of this project is to bring us together virtually when we might feel isolated. It is the project's aim to highlight the faces of our community during this time of social isolation. 

Once we schedule a time and I arrive, you and your family will step outside on to your front steps, porch, or yard, where I will photograph you from at least 30 feet away. with my telephoto lenses that will even allow me to take your portraits from over a block away if you prefer! I will take a few quick shots and leave. I will physically interact with no one, you will laugh at my corny jokes, and I will touch nothing other than my camera during these sessions. After your quick session, I will email you 2 high-resolution digital files of your portrait. Additional images can also be purchased. 


I do want to stress that this doesn't have to be a

formal dressy portrait (unless you want it to be).


Come out in your pajamas if you'd like!

Maybe you are an Essential worker and want to be photographed in your uniform or

Maybe you want to hold up signs praising our Brave Essential workers,

Play dress-up with the kids!

Show off your Belly bump if you are pregnant!

Show off the crafts that have been created or the costumes made!

Have your pets join in the photo!

Give yourself and your kids a fun activity by decorating your front steps in a fun way!

Let this opportunity be a reflection of how you are coping in these strange times.


I encourage you to be as creative as you want to be- but please be fully prepared to have your photos taken as soon as I arrive, and most importantly,

Just Be You!


I will be posting these images on my Instagram and Facebook as well as my website account with the hashtags  #frombehindthemask #thefrontstepsprojectpart2

I have decided I will not be tagging your family's names when your photos are posted to the social media sites listed above, but please feel free to tag yourselves and share.

Please click on the button above to contact me for a date to be photographed, and fill out the form to schedule a time to meet, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

In the case of inclement weather, unexpectedly, on the day you have chosen, every effort will be made to get you rescheduled as soon as possible! 


One last time I would like to stress as to the level of seriousness with which I will be practicing extremely strict social distancing guidelines as advised by the CDC while we have our very quick session. This is such an amazing community and as much as you or I might like to chat for a moment and be social, I will be moving along immediately when we are finished. Social distancing requires quite a bit of social responsibility as well from all of us. It is imperative that we take all precautions possible to maintain proper distance and have equal respect! I will be touching nothing, and I will move very quickly and obviously away from anybody who absentmindedly might approach me. Please make sure your children stay by your side,  and as much as I would love to receive lots of doggy love, please also make sure your pets stay close to you during our session. 


As much as I am approaching this project as a photographer who wants to help bring this community together during these tough times, I feel this endeavor is also extremely important in it's value as historical documentation of how society chooses to respond during this unprecedented period of our lives.

Stay safe everyone and lets remember you are not alone!

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